Transit Advertising: Effortlessly Reach Your Target Audience!

Be Seen Everywhere with our Transit Advertising

Let our team help you be seen all around South Africa with our Transit Advertising. Whether it’s on buses, taxis, taxi cabs, truck fleet branding, privately owned vehicle branding, student car branding, mobile trailer branding, or branding of your own vehicle fleets, we’ve got you covered.

South Africa's largest Transit

We hold exclusive advertising rights to some of the biggest taxi ranks and commuter hubs in South Africa. Our transit advertising has the largest digital place-based network in South Africa, with screens in train stations, taxi ranks, and bus depots across the country.

be seen by Millions of Daily Travelers​

With Outdoor Advertising, your brand will be seen on transit vehicles, reaching thousands of people every day, wherever they go!

Reach Local Customers and Visitors

Choose where to be seen and stand out from the competition by showcasing your brand to an active audience

Billboard Advertising

High Exposure in High-Density Areas

Billboard Advertising

24/7 Exposure

Billboard Advertising

Flexible Locations

Billboard Advertising

Various Options​

Why Choose us for Your Transit Campaigns?

When you advertise with Outdoor Advertising Media, your brand will be shown on the outside or inside of branded vehicles. This will get your message to thousands of people every day, all over South Africa.

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