Unlimitedly reach your target audience using mobile trailer advertising

At Outdoor-Ads we specialize in all traditional marketing to help our clients reach out to their target market all around the country. We have been successful in mobile trailer advertising and we have managed to get more clients that are happy while generating good sales.

Mobile Trailers are a medium that creates a high impact and leaves a lasting impression on your consumer. mobile trailer advertising is more cost-effective than any other advertising medium and represents one of the best forms of advertising available.

Trailer adverts are mobile and can reach a target market of over 100 000 per week. It allows high-definition images that are eye-catching and last longer to the consumer’s mind.

All our Mobile Trailers are in high traffic areas to get maximum exposure and not only do they look great but they are correctly position. This includes the right angle, making sure that your brand is never compromised.

Our PVC prints are always of the highest quality, we do not go to print if clients are not 100% satisfied. Mobile trailers have the flexibility to take your message directly to thousands of potential customers. We assist individuals and businesses reach their target market through Mobile Trailers.

Benefits of Mobile Trailer Advertising

  • Provides the option of it being either a static or mobile medium
  • The trailer can be parked at various prime locations
  • High impact
  • Immediacy
  • Return on investment

Types of Advertising Trailer

  • Vehicle branding
  • Mobile billboards
  • Pedestrian advertising bicycle
  • Fixed point trailer
  • Exhibition trailer advertising

Are you looking to advertise in the most unique way?

Outdoor-Ads is here to help you reach your target audience at the right place and cost-effectively while commuters spend more time in traffic.

Additionally, this kind of advertising will help your business earn a place in the consumer’s mind as well as offer them a reminder of your brand. We offer numerous designs with patents and rights to your products and our designs are more visible to both pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

Our trailer adverts are available in a double-sided format and well suited for direct marketing. This, due to the sizes, they are visible from a distance and allow for an impactful display of your brand.

We let you monitor our locations by sending an email of our whereabouts and the time spent in that location. This allows us to be able to calculate the number of people reached through sales.

We work with different corporates and individuals and budgets of all sizes. We are also able to customize your campaign to suit your specific routes and needs to optimize your return on investments.