Reach your audience anywhere in South Africa through street pole ads

Outdoor advertising that will give your brand limitless exposure

Street pole ads give you unique brand exposure. It gives you cost-effective advertising that reaches everyone’s eye. It does not matter how big or small the location is, it would still catch your audiences’ eye. Furthermore, street pole ads in Johannesburg provides you with an ideal opportunity to drive your brand into the minds of all commuters, pedestrians, and motorists

Outdoor advertising is often positioned near to pedestrians for eye-level viewing. It is located throughout city centers, suburbs, and rural areas. It exceptionally delivers a point-of-scale and top of mind awareness. This is why having street pole ads in Cape Town is the best decision you could make for your business.

In essence, street pole ads is an ideal medium for mass-market campaigns. Advertisers are offered geographical flexibility and reach a mass audience with high frequency. Additionally, through our diverse advertising solutions, you reach a captive audience with guaranteed circulation, excellent visibility, and size impressions. You are not limited to the number of times you want to place your advert. Actually, the more street pole ads you have, the better chances of reaching your customers and increasing sales.

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Your street pole ads are not limited to…

  •  Transit shelters (bus stops, train stations, taxi ranks, etc)

If you want to reach a mass audience in the most relevant spots, transit shelters are the perfect option for you. Many people indirectly and directly rely on these spots for adverts. On the busy bus or train stops, adverts can be placed on multiple spots to reach the eye of commuters and drivers.

  • Newsstands / News racks

News racks advertisement make a direct impact on readers as they are right in front of the reader’s eye. If they are large and colorful, they will surely catch the reader’s attention. If the product or service is located close to your businesses, customers can quickly and directly make a sale.

  •  Shopping mall panels

People in the malls are always looking out for sales and unbeatable deals they can get. the more adverts you have around the mall guarantees that your ad will be seen by your potential customers. On the other hand, shopping mall advertising makes it easy for your customers to make a purchase as they are close to the business.

Street furniture Advertising

Cost-effective advertising in and around Pretoria

Altogether, when you advertise with Outdoor Advertising, you can choose where you want your ad to be and how to make your mark on the competition. You get to flaunt your brand right before an active and receptive audience.

Plan ahead because most street pole ad spaces get occupied in advance. You can opt for either a short-term package i.e. three to six months or a seasonal package. You can place your street pole ads in Pretoria and any town or street you want. Moreover, you are flexible in choosing your own size for your advert. However, keeping in mind the impact you want to make on your potential customers.