Street Furniture Advertising refers to “out-of-home” advertising. This kind of advertising provides an ideal opportunity to drive your brand into the minds of all commuters, pedestrians, and motorists.

Street Furniture Advertising is often positioned near to pedestrians for eye-level viewing. It is located throughout city centres, suburbs, and rural areas, delivering a point-of-sale and top of mind awareness.

This cost-effective advertising media is great for directional use or creating impact by repetition on more than one on or off ramp. Advertise a variety of products or tell a story.

In essence, Street Furniture Advertising is an ideal medium for mass market campaigns. It offers a geographical flexibility and reaches a mass audience with high frequency.

Additionally, through our diverse advertising solutions, you reach a captive audience with guaranteed circulation, excellent visibility and size impressions.

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Types of street furniture advertising

  •  Transit shelters (bus stops, train stations, taxi ranks, etc)
  • Newsstands / News racks
  •  Kiosks, Shopping mall panels, store panels and in-store signage
  •  Benches
  •  Phone booth
  •  Parking Garage Media
Street furniture Advertising

Altogether, when you advertise with Outdoor Advertising, you can choose where you want your ad to be and how to make your mark on the competition. You get to flaunt your brand right before an active and receptive audience.

Plan ahead because most Street Pole Advertising spaces get occupied in advance. You can opt for either a short-term package i.e. three to six months or a seasonal package.

So contact us today for Street Furniture Advertising prices and for us to show you how we can connect your company with consumers, out of the home, where they shop, work and play.

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