Stadium Advertising refers to advertising at sports venues of all kinds. These venues include, but not limiting, professional, amateur, college, high school, and so on.

The conventional sports stadium that comes to mind, for example, are Football, Baseball, and Cricket Stadiums, Soccer and Rugby Fields, and Hockey and Basketball stadiums. Other stadiums include Track and Field, Swimming Pools, Motor Speedways, among others.

Outdoor Advertising experts offer you the great opportunity to buy a stadium spot amongst its other advertising options that are sold under one roof. With Stadium Advertising, you reach a captive audience with guaranteed circulation and demographics, excellent visibility and size impressions.

We offer Stadium Advertising in many sports facilities, stadiums, and arenas. We also service hundreds of teams in the top professional and amateur sports leagues in South Africa.

When you advertise with us, your brand will be visible on Scoreboards, Banners on the sidelines and walls. Adverts in the restrooms, Posters throughout the concourses. This also includes Stairway Adverts, Cup holders, Sponsorships, Sampling, Branded Areas. Added to that, On-Field and Court Branding and Wraps, as well as many digital options throughout.

You choose where to your advert to be, how it should be and how to make your mark on the competition. You get to flaunt your brand right before an active and receptive audience.

Plan ahead because most stadium advertising spaces get occupied in advance for the entire season. You can opt for either a short-term package i.e. three to six months or a seasonal package. Consider audience statistics which is available by the venue.

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