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                      Pandemic Down, Foot Traffic Up.

             Advertise at Westgate Mall While the Surge Keeps Rising!

   Shopping Mall advertising reaches consumers directly at the point of purchase.

Westgate Mall allows you to reach customers while their purse strings are loosened. In addition to this, you are awarded the bonus of expanding your customer base accompanied by prime location placement within Westgate Mall.

Mall advertising takes advantage of high impact shopper traffic in a fast-paced retail space by strategically placing your brand message on a multitude of mall advertising mediums. Lastly, explore our diverse categories for a tailor-made advertising campaign that will grant you instant ROI.

Have your cake and eat it too with Endless Selections

  • Store Directories:

Have consumers literally look for your AD

  • Kiosks:

Elevate your brand with strategically placed kiosks

  • Escalators wraps

With endless creative potential to implement on escalator wraps, the shareability of your ad will reach viral legend status.

  • Banners

The ‘Lock & Leave” version of mall advertising. Advertise anywhere with lightweight banners without being tied to a location. Go where your target audience is and leave the rest to us.

  • Floor graphics

On this exceedingly rare occasion, let them walk all over you

  • Freestanding displays

Free your brand from anonymity with a wide range of freestanding displays

  • Display screens

Grab their attention like a deer caught in headlights

  • Parking lots

First Ad in view, last Ad in the rearview.

  • External billboards

Sometimes, what’s on the outside counts too

  • Posters

One of the earliest forms of advertising, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

To Wrap up a RIDICULOUSLY Great Pitch

  • Get them while they are in a spending mood
  • Utilize a multitude of digital platforms
  • Allow your presence to be felt on the consumers’ path to purchase
  • Take full advantage of increased post-pandemic foot traffic
  • Increase your brand engagement
  • Expand your target audience. Along with, building brand loyalty

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