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Invest in your business and choose to advertise with Radio Bushbuckridge

Get your desired ROI with affordable radio advertising rates

Radio Bushbuckridge has proven to be an effective advertising station as it is 100% audio based. It is not limited by location because it is a mobile station and can be accessed anywhere. Moreover, apart from listening from a frequency, Radio Bushbuckridge now air online and make it easy for everyone to listen.

Station type                   : Radio

Frequency                     : 88.4 FM

Listenership                  : 35,000

Language                      : Sepedi, Tsonga, English, and SiSwati

Advertising with Radio Bushbuckridge has a variety of benefits

  • Radio Bushbuckridge is influential – Listeners have built trust with their favorite radio station thus creating credibility for your business.
  • Radio Bushbuckridge is targeted – it allows messages to be fine-tuned to a specific audience, more especially to the audience the station is targeted to.
  • Improves brand awareness – you can speak to your listeners and establish a relationship through your tone, attitude, and message.
  • Provides measurable resultsRadio Bushbuckridge adverts can be tracked and analyzed daily. If the time slot is not working for your brand, it can be moved to another slot.

Reach your specific audience through Radio Bushbuckridge advertising and be able to know if your advert is reaching the right audience. Our sales consultant will not only help you place your ad but will give you a wide range of advertising options that will best suit your marketing campaign.

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