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Advertise with the Namib Times and stay relevant to your audience

Grow your audience with affordable newspaper advertising rates

Get impactful results when you advertise with the Namib Times. The newspaper reaches the right audience at the right time guarantying results. With over 10000 readership weekly, look forward to seeing your brand not only get recognized but also grow.

Readership                         : 8300

Type of newspaper           : Community

Circulation                          : 8300

Frequency                          : Twice Weekly

The Namib Times offers results-driven advertising options that helps businesses get their return on investment. With affordable newspaper advertising rates, the Namib Times newspaper provides advertising solutions that help you meet your business goals. We offer more than just advertising, but compelling advertising options within your budget.

Benefits of advertising with the Namib Times newspaper

  • Proactive audience-The Namib Times has massive potential in getting your message to your readers and encouraging them to act.
  • Affordable-It offers options that give you right of choice for what your brand needs without breaking your wallet.
  • Trustworthy– The Namib Times is the most credible source when it comes to news thus creating trust between the credibility of the content in the paper and the audience.
  • Impactful and effective – The newspaper targets a specific demographic or ethnic group directly impacting the right audience therefore making your advertisement effective.
  • Engaging– – News readers consume news in the Namib Times because they value the news and content. Readers pay attention for more extended periods of time.
  • Flexible– The newspaper gives you newspaper ads options that you can choose from. Classified, box, insert and many more to your disposal depending on your budget.

Our sales representatives will not only assist you place your ad but take you through every step. They will help you understand the cost of your preferred advert. Secondly, give you recommendations on the most suitable size of your advert. Furthermore, they will advise on what type of newspaper ad and on which days your advert will be more effective. That way, you are not only assisted with placing your ad, but how you will get your return on investment

Lastly, Namib Times is the next good business decision you need to make, to bring more business. Contact us today and get Namib Times rate card.



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