Town/City : Crown Mines

Advertise on the high traffic road M1, Crown Mines, Gauteng billboard

Billboard advertising gives your brand the maximum exposure it deserves.

Your brand needs all the attention and exposure so it can give you ROI and the only way to get all of that is by advertising it on the billboard. If you are a business owner and target people from M1, Crown Mines, Gauteng is the right place to place your billboard advert.

Site Ref # :                                                              ON 72 EL 3 a 1

Size :                                                                        4.5m x 18m

Material:                                                                  Digital

Illumination:                                                           Digital

Reach / Frequency / Impact (pm) :                   1286369 / 12 / 14927094

Environment:                                                         National Road, Shopping Centre

Billboard Location Description: 

LHS De Villiers Graaff Motorway M1 at Document Warehouse, Krag St fcg traffic from Jhb to Soweto. Contact Outdoor Ads now to advertise your brand on the billboard.