Town/City : Middelburg

Advertise at Cowen Ntuli Street, Middelburg Billboard, and reach your customers

Billboard advertising gives your brand the maximum exposure it deserves.

If your goal as a business owner, entrepreneur, and marketing manager is to get maximum exposure without spending much, choose to advertise at Cowen Ntuli Street, Middelburg billboard as part of the outdoor advertising.


Site Ref # :                                                                         MP-MID-0602 ML1

Size :                                                                                  3m x 6m

Material:                                                                            PVC Blacklit

Reach / Frequency / Impact (pm) :                               135 264.62/5-10/712 061

Environment:                                                                    Filling Station, High Traffic Zone, Shopping Centre, Hospital, Place of Worship, Pedestrian Traffic, Restaurants.Hotel/Lodging, High School, Middelburg Country Club, Primary School

Cowen Ntuli Street Billboard Description:

This structure is situated on the left-hand side traveling in a westerly direction towards the Mhluzi area. For more information on how to put your advert on the billboard, contact Outdoor Ads today.