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Advertise at the Civic Centre today and reach your customers

Shopping Mall advertising brings your customers close to point of purchase.

The Civic Centre advertising moves advertisers closer to their potential customers. With services and activities offered there, advertisers can strictly target the advertisers they want. On the other hand, outdoor advertising allows you to choose your audience, certainly ready to make a purchase. Advertisers get the opportunity to directly interact with their potential customers.

Your mall advertising is not limited to

    • Parking lots – you target your customers before they explore the mall. Furthermore, our advertisement can be the main reason your customer walks inside.
    • External billboards and posters – everyone sees your advert from outside the mall.
    • Digital mall displays – they create a major impact and attract customers which leads them to make a sale.
    • Banner advertising – bigger advertising and pulls the attention of your audience.

Furthermore, advertising outdoors creates broad customer engagement as it is easy for customers to access the product or service. Therefore, outdoor advertising is the perfect platform to grow your customer base and bring your customers closer to your brand.

Contact Outdoor Ads today and get the best mall advertising rates and reach your audience in a larger space.



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