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Take advantage of the most popular shows on SABC 2!

Choose your advertising spot at any time on SABC 2 and reach your desired audience. We allow your brand to speak to the people and ensure that you build a relationship for the long term. The main priority is how we tailor-make your advert to capture the eye of your clientele.

Massive audience

With an average of 2.5 million daily viewers, you are guaranteed to reach your intended audience.


Advantageous time-slots

High-quality content shows and programs have proven to have an increased reach.


With the unlimited use of the internet, TV channels can be accessed anytime, anywhere on any device.

Are you worried about not making ROI by advertising on SABC 2?

It’s possible but not when you advertise with us. We have tested our advertising strategies and placed top brands. Furthermore, we focus on results and make it mandatory to deliver that to all our clients. How do we do that? It’s how we tailor your content and use the right graphics to ensure we meet your business goal with the advert.

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