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The Sowetan: Voice of Liberation 

The Sowetan, established in 1981 as a liberation struggle newspaper, is a major English-language newspaper based in South Africa. It was originally distributed in the apartheid-era in Soweto and now serves a proudly South African readership with news, sport, lifestyle, and entertainment content, published Monday to Friday

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    Distributed five days a week

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    1 548 000

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    Free State ,KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Historical Significance: The Sowetan, with roots in the liberation struggle, resonates with readers for its historical importance. 

English-Language Access: As a major English newspaper, it offers broad accessibility and facilitates communication across diverse communities. 

Varied Content: From news to lifestyle and entertainment, The Sowetan caters to diverse reader interests. 

Weekday Updates: Published Monday to Friday, it provides timely updates, keeping readers informed throughout the week. 

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