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Newspaper Advertising with Rapport: Your Weekly Afrikaans News Fix

Discover Rapport, your go-to Afrikaans-language weekly newspaper released every Sunday in South Africa. Published by Media24 and headquartered in Johannesburg, it stands as the country’s second-largest Sunday newspaper, right after the iconic Sunday Times. Led by editor Waldimar Pelser since 2013, Rapport delivers insightful news and captivating content straight to your doorstep, enriching your Sunday mornings with stories that matter. 

  • Newspaper advertising delivery


    Distributed on Sundays

  • Newspaper advertising reading


    938 000

  • Newspaper advertising reach


    South Africa, ESwatini, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana


Newspaper advertising with Rapport provides in-depth coverage and analysis in Afrikaans, catering to the language preferences of its readers. 

Weekly Digest: As a weekly newspaper, Rapport offers a comprehensive summary of the week’s events, making it a convenient source for staying informed. 

Trusted Source: Published by Media24, Rapport is a reputable newspaper known for its credibility and reliability in reporting. 

Expert Leadership: With Waldimar Pelser at the helm since 2013, Rapport is guided by experienced editorial leadership, ensuring high-quality content. 

Community Connection: Rapport fosters a sense of community among its readers, offering insights and stories relevant to South African Afrikaans-speaking audiences. 


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