Town/City : Centurion

Perfect Billboard Location to advertise – Hendrik Verwoerd Drive, Centurion, Gauteng

Billboard advertising gives your brand the maximum exposure it deserves.

If your goal as a business owner, entrepreneur, and marketing manager is to get maximum exposure without spending much, choose to advertise at Hendrik Verwoerd Drive, Centurion, Gauteng billboard as part of the outdoor advertising.

Site Ref # :                                                     ON 71 EL 2 a 1

Size :                                                              3m x 6m

Material:                                                        Digital

Illumination:                                                  Digital

Reach / Frequency / Impact (pm) :           92583 / 11 / 1040448

Environment:                                                Shopping Centre, Business Park, Residential, Sporting Complex, Gautrain

Billboard Location Description: 

LHS Hendrik Verwoerd Drive, facing traffic from Mall at Reds, driving towards Centurion Mall, N1 Highway, Highveld Techno Park, and Southdown’s Shopping Centre. Contact Outdoor Ads now to advertise your brand on the billboard.