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Sunday World: Your Source for Celebrity Gossip, Sports, and Lifestyle News 

Sunday World, published by Fundudzi Media in Johannesburg, is your go-to tabloid for celebrity gossip, sports news with attitude, and lifestyle content. Catering to young, aspirational black consumers, it offers vibrant coverage on fashion, beauty, health, motoring, and personal finance. Its website keeps you updated with the latest trends and is the hub for uMgosi(gossip) and trending topics, ensuring it’s never old-fashioned or boring. 

  • Newspaper advertising delivery


    Distributed on Sundays

  • Newspaper advertising reading


    1 361 000

  • Newspaper advertising reach


    South Africa, Botswana


Targeted Content: Tailored for young, aspirational black consumers, providing relevant and engaging content. 

Diverse Coverage: Offers a mix of celebrity news, sports, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health, motoring, and personal finance information. 

Up-to-Date Trends: Keeps readers informed with the latest trending topics and news. 

Engaging Format: Combines traditional print with a dynamic website that appeals to modern readers. 

Wide Reach: Available in both South Africa and Botswana, expanding its audience and influence. 

Entertainment Value: Offers entertaining and vibrant content that is never boring or old-fashioned. 

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